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Looking for self-improvement and self-employment? Affiliate marketing can do work, if you choose one best affiliate marketing network from top affiliate marketing companies online for yourself. 

If you already uploaded a website on the internet and blogging then affiliate marketing possibly best ways to make money online.

affiliate marketing best ways to make money online

Many successful bloggers earnings coming from affiliate marketing sales and it was not easy for them at beginning to make money but they've made it with patience and after many years of hard work.

You can do it and become successfully affiliate marketer if you are serious, have enough confidence, patience and do lot of hard works.

If you are here from Google search then I am sure you are interested to make money doing affiliate marketing while blogging and already knows about affiliate marketing and how you can earn money as an affiliate working with top affiliate marketing companies.

If you don't know about affiliate marketing then read this article Review of Affiliate marketing that might help you to get started.

An affiliate network company has several payout model used by affiliate network including Cost Per Sale (CPS) & Cost Per Action (CPA).

Before going in details about top affiliate marketing companies I would like to share give you little bit brief of Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Action payout model.

What is CPS?

CPS is the short form of Cost Per Sale which can be referred as Pay Per Sale.

CPS is a low-risk and high profit revenue sharing payout model that is being used by marketers to bring an unlimited number of consumers to their product and service and pays commission to the affiliates who refers a lead that results in a purchase.

Cost Per Sale payout commission is much higher than other payout models which can be considered one of the top payout model in the affiliate network industries. 

What is CPA?

CPA is the short form of Cost Per Action which can be referred as Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click (PPC).

Marketers used this payout model as cost effective and using this method they get sign ups, subscribers through email submit, clicks and impressions that implemented by an affiliate for small commission.

CPA marketing programs pay commission to an affiliate when a specific action taken by their referral in a lead.

Hope now you have figured out about affiliate marketing benefits through two popular payout model offered by an affiliate marketing network.

So let check out now top affiliate marketing companies or network that you can start working with.

Here I have listed top affiliate marketing companies with brief detail that can help you get started:

1. ClickBank:

Clickbank is a huge and popular affiliate marketing network that is online running their affiliate network business from over 17 years now. Over 200 million consumers and affiliate marketers from around the world already engaged through this amazing platform. 

ClickBank focus toward digital information products. As one of the largest online retailers they have a vast library of over 6 million unique products in order to reach consumers.

There is some disadvantage for specific regions who can not even participate in this program example: Bangladesh. 

Tips: If your country or region not there in the list of ClickBank sign up form then you can simply choose another country and verify your account from that region through any of your friend who already in a country where ClickBank accept affiliate to join in their network.

Join here to get started if you think this is the right platform to work with.

2. CJ Affiliate by Conversant:

CJ is the short form of previous formerly Commission Junction that is owned and operating by Conversant, Inc. company. 

Conversant Incorporation companies other affiliate network program is including Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex and ValueClick Media.

Millions of consumers shopping online through CJ Affiliate marketing network. You can simply join as an affiliate in their affiliate marketing network and start working to make money online. 

In order to join in their network and if you think this is the best platform to work with then simply sign up here and get started.

3. Amazon Associates:

I am sure you already knew about this affiliate marketing program before from Google Search or friends and family. There is nothing to introduce with and its associate program.

Still if you don't know then for your read I will introduce little bit about this amazing program which is one of the world top Cost Per Sale (CPS) based affiliate marketing program.

Amazon is an American electronic e-commerce and cloud computing company that headquarters located in Seattle, Washington. has an affiliate network that is called as Amazon Associates which allows an affiliate to tap into over a million products and earn commission per every sales make through an affiliate product link. products prices set by its seller and you can simply make money promoting their product link and earn commission set by them.

Amazon has amazing cookies system that means when a consumer click on a product link shared through your social media or blog review, it will be in 90 days cookies for many products. If a consumer purchase a product within 90 days, you will be paid commission. It's as easy as butter and cake.

4. Rakuten: 

Rakuten is another popular affiliate marketing network that I kept in my top affiliate marketing companies list for many reason. 

One of the big reason behind it has grown rapidly like a monster since it launch and that is among the top four e-commerce companies in the world with over 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners and more than 18 million consumers. was formerly which is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and one of the world's largest by sales. 

In order to join in their network click here and get started making money as an Rakuten Linkshare affiliate.

5. Ebay:

Ebay is among the top affiliate marketing company that is similar to Amazon Associale. Marketers from around the world making money online on ebay. 

Ebay has been over 20 years online now. Many marketers even do not know that they have an affiliate marketing network. It is a platform to work with.

Ebay Parnter network has a wide range of products, first class tools, nice tracking system and reporting that allows affiliate to get updated.

If you have a product and want to sell online then Ebay and Amazon would be the better platform that allows you easily managing your products in their database.

In order to join in their network click here and get started making money as an ebay affiliate.

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There is many affiliate marketing network companies around the web which I don't want to keep in my top affiliate marketing companies list.

Here is a list of other affiliate marketing network:

  1. Commission Factory.
  2. Avangate.
  3. Avantlink.
  4. FlexOffers.
  5. ReviMedia.
  6. Revenue Wire.
  7. AdCombo.
  8. AffiBank.

My choice to work in goes with top affiliate marketing companies like Amazon, Rakuten because there is issue with ClickBank to participate as my region not accepting in their affiliate network.

If you region is accepting by ClickBank then it would by my first recommendation that you can get started.


What I might say about these top affiliate marketing companies that has been listed through my online research as well while I personally working on these platform. There is no doubt, you are going to earn huge sales or lead commission if your performance results better.

I highly recommend Amazon Assoicate as best affiliate marketing company that can make your home living easy if your plan, strategies works best for yourself.

Wish you success and hope you will be able to earn money from today. If you have any question or would like to share your experience with above top affiliate marketing companies feel free to leave a reply in the comment box below this post. 

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