Free New Crypto Airdrops List

Heard about crypto airdrops? Heard about Free cryptocurrency Airdrops? Heard about crypto ICO airdrops?

Today I have listed few new legit crypto airdrops initial coin offering (ICO) companies that you must check in and claim free without spending anything right now. 

Crypto Airdrops ICO New List

What you have to do? It's not as difficult. All you need to have an Ethereum address in ETH wallet from (

Don't use any Ethereum address that comes from an exchange or registered with an exchange wallet.

Be aware from exchange ethereum (ETH) wallet or you might lose what you have claimed free through an ICO airdrop. 

Airdrop free crypto only can be transferred to your submitted ETH wallet after ICO is live which one you have joined to participate.

Before checking out those free new crypto airdrops ico list, you should have a clear idea about what is crypto and how does an airdrop meant? Right? 

What is crypto? And What is Airdrop in Crypto?

Crypto is the short form for Cryptocurrency that is called as Digital currency which you can send, receive anywhere around the web anonymously. Crypto is the word that came from Greek 'Kruptos' which means 'hidden'. 

Airdrop is a blockchain technology project and an event which way a new initial coin offering (ICO) company distribute their tokens or coins to its early stage adopter for free.

Hope you got the basic details to move forward if still you think it's not your answer then please research online over search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex or any other sources that you feel safe to read and understand what it is all about.

Every new crypto that has an ICO airdrops event that need some required details from you to give you free tokens. To claim free ICO tokens or coins you should follow these below steps:

1. Should have a valid e-mail address.
2. Should have a valid ethereum address (don't use exchange wallet address).
3. Should have a Telegram app and account.
4. Should Join in their Telegram group.
5. Should provide valid Telegram username while registering for any new ICO.
6. Should follow their social media page or profile.

Here is the new Crypto Airdorps ICO list that you must participate before ends:

1. Ceek:

Ceek is newly developed award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) distributor for multiple world-class partners. Ceek has well-established globally renowned industry leading partners such as Universal Music, Apple, T-Mobile, and Baptist Health. 

Ceek has recently announced an airdrop collaboration which is being implemented with and to build a community and distribute tokens to a wide network of people as their early stage adopter for free.

You can simply sign up on or and participate to claim airdrop free initial coin offering (ICO) token. Apply now to claim this free token.

Refer friends and family via your referral link and earn more Ceek VR token free.

2. Havven:

Havven is one of the decentralized payment network and stable dual token system that reduce price volatility. Havven is secured by the blockchain technology enabling the creation of a new asset-backed stablecoin.

Havven recently launched its initial coin offering (ICO) via an airdrop system that allows user to claim free Havven tokens and also earn free Havven token from referral. Apply now to claim this free token.

You are eligible to refer only 20 people to their network and get 20 free havven token from each referral.

3. Ojut:

Ojut is another new cryptocurrency that is based on ecommerce project and a very good promising ICO in the crypto market. 

At this moment, they are distributing free Ojut coins via an airdrop system which allows member to claim free coin once they've signed up, joined in their telegram, fill up the required task and refer their friends to their network.

You are eligible to earn $10,000 worth of Ojut coins referring and encouraging your friends to invest on it. Apply now to claim this coin free.

4. Alpha Token:

Alpha token is known as Alpha Protocol. Alpha aims to build a protocol-based commonwealth of cryptocurrency hedge funds that will be used in a new concept quantitative trading community with a decentralized organization structure that connects quantative strategy developers and digital asset holders.

Alpha protocol token is currently distributed via an airdrop system that allows member to claim up to 36 ALP token for free. Join in their Telegram network and write your referral code placing a hash tag front to claim free Alpha token

You are eligible to claim 36 ALP token for free each time someone signed up using your referral link into their system. Apply now to claim this coin free.

5. SSS Airdrop:

SSS is the short form Super Smart Share of Sharechain technology. Sharechain technology creates Sharecoin as a token which already have been listed in the exchange that can be checked in the crypto market list as well.

ShareCoin (SSS) token is the project of Sharechain technology that makes more reliable to investor. It is an intelligent , trustworthy and centralized credit data valued platform based o shared economy.

Sharechain, Sharecoin is distributing via an airdrop system that allows user to claim up to 188 SSS for free. You are eligible to earn free 188 (SSS) Super Smart Share when someone signed up via your referral link. Apply now to claim this coin free.

6. ICC Airdrop:

ICC is the short form of Intelligent Commerce Chain. ICC developers claims that ICC will be connected with consumer brand owners, end owners and third-party service providers which will bring tokenize credit assets of all participants in a self-growing ecosystem that can not be controlled by centralized oligarchs.

Intelligent Commerce Chain (ICC) is distributing its token via an airdrop system that allows member of it to claim up to 88 ICC token free. 

Member also allowed to invite their friends and family and claim 88 ICC for each friend signed up via their referral link. Apply now to claim this free coin / token.

7. Pow Token:

Pow Token is a ERC20 Ethereum based token that is being airdropped from a while now. You can read more details here Pow Token Review - Scam or Legit?

To participate and claim free pow token, Apply now.

8. Sphere.Social:

Sphere is a fast decentralized social network based blockchain technology that gives away 50 SAT Sphere token for free when you join.  You are eligible to earn free 50 Sphere SAT token when someone signed up via your referral link.

To claim free SAT sphere token for free, Apply now. All participants will be rewarded SAT token via Ethereum (myetherwallet) based cryptocurrency wallet. You also can transfer your balance when Sphere ICO is on LIVE.

Here is other new crypto airdrops company that you can join:

  1. RaiBlocks Cash - Apply now.
  2. Victra Bot Cash - Apply now.
  3. Ethearnal Bot Cash - Apply now.
  4. - Apply now.
  5. Clickgem - Apply now.
  6. WFEE Coin - Apply now.
  7. Travel Coin - Offer Ended.
  8. House Panda - Apply now.
  9. Lino Network - Apply now.
  10. Sectech - Apply now.
  11. InBot Ambassador - Apply now.
  12. IPM IPFSTALK - Apply now.

This is all the new airdrop, top airdrop, best and updated airdrop initial coin offering (ICO) crypto list that you can redeem to claim free token immediately after sign up, joining with their Telegram group and referring friends.

You can follow me here on Telegram and ask me anything you have in mind about this airdrop system. 

If you experience with Crypto Airdrops and want to share your thoughts feel free to write in the comment box. Wish you good luck. 
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