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DreamHost web hosting service claims to offer an amazing range of powerful webhosting features, the most amazing features are a 1 terabyte bandwidth, full hosting of unlimited multiple domain names and multiple subdomains on one account and a free domain name too. A storage space of 20GB, CGI, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Jabber chat server and numerous email accounts. Plans start at $9.95 and $7.95 for 2 years prepayment. Set up fees of $49.99 is applied if you host for one month, while yearly prepayment gives a free set up. Also see the 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Basically it is a huge unbelievable webhosting deal for a competitive price.

Although you can search around the web, you always get promo codes which have some affiliate commission deducted. I am giving our readers this Dream Host webhosting discount promo code which will give them a maximum possible discount of $97. The promo code is SAVEYOU. You need to enter it in your optional promo code box before finalizing your payment, and you will get a discount. Of course this means I get zero affiliate commission as I am passing on the full commission available to my readers.

So go ahead and see most amazing features of this cheap webhosting deal. Suppose you buy a one year webhosting of the Crazy Domain package, it will cost you $119.40 but will be discounted by this promo code of $97 to only $22.40 which works out to $1.87 per month. Remember this discount is for the first year only and valid for only new Dreamhost customers. When you renew the webhosting package, full price will be applied and no discount codes will work. This offer is only as a bonus to my readers and as part of the official Dreamhost rewards program.

Dreamhost webhosting has just entered the list of Top Hosting Companies World Wide hosting over 400,000 domain names worldwide. Webhosting.info currently places Dreamhost at position 19 with a market share of 0.5% and hosting 403,168 domain names.

The Unofficial Dreamhost blog says that they passed 200,000 domains, in July they reached 300,000 domains and the last 6 months they have continued their growth with tremendous pace and now have doubled in size in less than one year. And they got the scoop before the official dreamhost blog.

They are also running a small contest. Every Monday WebHosting.Info releases their weekly stats with the total domains hosted by each web hosting company and if you can guess when Dreamhost will pass 500,000 domains in 2007, you can win an Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle.

The top webhosting company is Wild West Domains with 12.2% share and hosting over 9.5 million domain names! Dreamhost has a long way to reach the top.

Quick Online Tips is hosted on DreamHost Webhosting ever since I switched to WordPress and is highly recommended. At that time though there were several good webhosting deals, I primarily chose Dreamhost due to the cheap webhosting yet powerful feature rich package they offered. But over time, I have come to love dreamhost for several more reasons I want to share with you

1. Excellent Customer Support:

Dreamhost has an excellent mechanism of addressing customer complaints, some automated and the rest with human support. Whenever my sites were down, I just had to lodge my complaint in their automated support, or fill in the support form which takes into account the severity of the errors (to sort the urgent issues first) and what your expertise about the subject is (so they do not feedback professional webmasters and system admins like novices).

I needed customer support twice over the last 5 months, once the sites were back up in 5 minutes and the other time in 1 hour. This is followed by a email informing you of the fix and a follow up survey about your feedback regarding the customer support guy. You can keep track of all your support history. There is nothing worse than having a site down and not having any response from your webhost.

They let you chat(http://chat.dreamhost.com/) with other DreamHost Customers (though there are no official DreamHost representatives there) or visit the DreamHost Customer Discussion Forum (http://discussion.dreamhost.com/) to find the answers you need. And then there is the huge customer-contributed repository of DreamHost knowledge at DreamHost Wiki(http://wiki.dreamhost.com/)!

2. Amazing bandwidth deal:

I do not know of any other webhosting service which will offer you 1 terabyte of bandwidth per month and that too increasing by 8 gigabytes every week in their cheapest package. I remember my first site I hosted on Geocities, it had a miserly bandwidth of few GB per day and the site used to offline any day there was a traffic spike. Monthly Bandwidth is very important because a link on Digg or slashdot can drive huge site traffic your way and finish your limited bandwidth in a few hours, leaving you to pay to let your site stay online.

To tell you the truth, when I joined Dreamhost, one of the concerns was about CPU minutes usage limitations, which was also removed recently.

3. One click Installations:

This is yet another wonderful feature that lets you start your own blog (wordpress), forum (PhpBB), wiki (MediaWiki), image album (Gallery), store (ZenCart), CMS (Joomla) etc in a matter of a few minutes. Initially I created a forum, wiki and WordPress blog in 10 minutes. Imagine uploading each package and configuring it on your own if you had no prior experience with it.

Dreamhost currently supports following 1 click installs (both PHP4 and PHP5) – WordPress Weblog, phpBB Forum, Gallery Image Album, ZenCart Store, Joomla (Mambo) CMS, activeCollab Collaboration, MediaWiki Wiki, Advanced Poll and WebCalendar Calendar.

4. Host Unlimited Domain and Subdomains:

Most other good webhosts will allow you to host multiple domains and subdomains, but not unlimited. Now you can create as many subdomains as you like, host all your domain names on one account and pay no extra charges for it. Imagine the ability to host hundreds of domain names for the same prices (of course it is shared hosting).

5. Make Money with Dreamhost Rewards: 

You will never need to pay for webhosting again as they let you redirect your affiliate earnings for your yearly fees. Make money via the Dreamhost affiliate program and encash it. Provide discount promo codes to help your visitors get cheap webhosting deals. The deal is that either get 10% forever of everything your referrals (plus 5% for people they refer!) spend on hosting with them, or choose to just get a $97 one-time payment (plus $5 for sub-referrals!) per referral.

6. Simple web control panel:

Even a person who is hosting his personal site for the first time will find it easy to navigate around the panel. It is simple and helps to easily track all your hosted domain names. Simple help explanations and warnings prevent you from doing something foolish and make even techies feel comfortable. Simplicity does not compromise on the powerful features and functions you can perform with the simple interface.

7. All Power Webhosting You Ever Need: 

It meets the demand of the newbie personal site creator and the professional webmaster alike. It comes power packed with a starter storage space of 20GB, CGI, PHP4 & PHP5, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Jabber chat server, Quick time streaming, front page extensions and numerous other powerful tools I know less about.

8. Stay aware of Dreamhost Events: 

The Dreamhost status pages keeps you aware of what exactly is the problem going on in different web servers, what is the cause of downtimes and when scheduled upgrades are expected. You can subscribe their feed for every announcement on Dreamhost Status. They are willing to truly convey their problems.

9. Dreamhost Blog and Newsletter:

It is not the usual corporate style impersonal newsletter that is sent out every month. Nor does the Dreamhost blog has that faceless feel to it. They have a friendly and humorous tone to what they do, and the fact that they love webhosting and Dreamhost customers comes thorough. Sample Newsletter.

10. 97-day money back guarantee on all plans:

If you are unsatisfied with DreamHost for any reason, they assure a full refund if notified within 97 days of signing up for hosting. If you have taken advantage of the free domain registration service, that will refund of $9.95 is not possible, and you may transfer it to another host if you'd like.

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