Leupay Review free prepaid visa card

Want to learn more about Leupay free prepaid or debit visa card? Lots of people out there who are searching for a way to get free International Prepaid VISA card without any upfront fees or cost.

Today I would like to share a simple way to Get A Free Prepaid VISA Card for those people who needs it. If you are not one of those then you can skip this post or if you want to have it then read this full post before leaving this page. 

free prepaid visa card by leupay

We have revealed the way to Get A Free Prepaid VISA Card which has been offered by LeuPay.com payment solution company. 

In this article, you will find out about LeuPay.com features, how does it works and how to get Leupay prepaid VISA card for free. Check out...



LeuPay has been found in at LeuPay.com. LeuPay platform is promoted and operated by LeuPay Ltd, London, UK. LeuPay is a payment services solution for electronic money provided by designated licensed banks and e-money institutions. 

What is LeuPay?

LeuPay is an online electronic wallet, payment service and financial product which is a substitute to traditional banking services system suitable for individuals and companies. 

What is the benefits of LeuPay payment service?

With LeuPay, you can transfer e-money all around the world 24/7. LeuPay has a dedicated payment service system that offers mobile top-up, funding and withdrawing funds through its Prepaid VISA card and you can manage funds into your LeuPay account. 

What is LeuPay Prepaid VISA card?

LeuPay Prepaid VISA card is a service provided by LeuPay Ltd. With LeuPay Prepaid VISA card, you can fund your LeuPay account, shop online, pay educations fees online and withdraw money to ATM machine around the world where international VISA card is accepted. Check out if you are eligible to apply for a LeuPay Prepaid VISA card here.

How does LeuPay Prepaid VISA card service works?

LeuPay Prepaid VISA card has best offers for their international card holder which none others payment services provided. There is no transaction charges for international payments, ATM worldwide withdrawal opportunity with only 0.5% charge and free card delivery to your door without any fees.

They have secured contactless payments service, daily-weekly-monthly spending limits and instant LeuPay app locking system which keep secured your data. 

You can open three free IBANs accounts in 10 major currencies and send money or get paid in the currency you want to.  You can send money instantly to any friends and other LeuPay users for as little as 0.10 pound. You can receive money in seconds even on weekends or holidays. You can send money by bank wire transfer to any bank around the world without any inbound fees. 

The main feature of LeuPay is its International Top-up service. Their top-up service has all the facility you needs to recharge your mobile operator balance instantly.

How to get a free LeuPay Prepaid VISA card?

LeuPay offers free Prepaid VISA card worldwide to all their members who signing up for a personal or business account with them. To get delivered this Prepaid VISA card to your doorstep you need to follow the steps below:
  1. Sign up a LeuPay personal or business account here.
  2. Download and Install LeuPay app to your mobile device.
  3. Open LeuPay app and continue to get access (it takes time to test your connection strength) into it. If its not still loading after a first try then try again, it works. 
  4. Once you get access in LeuPay App. There is a 5 minutes video call verification will be available by a customer support stuff. Provide him/her with your face photo, passport or any other ID which you have filled during registration (in hand). After successful verification of your account you will get access to login in your account.
  5. Now login with your E-mail and Password and set a 4 digit pin / passcode to get access your account in the app.  You will receive your free prepaid VISA card within next 40 days after successful account verification.
  6. Go to 'Card' section of LeuPay app and order a LeuPay Prepaid VISA card for free. (This is not necessary as they send your cards after successful verification).
  7. Once you received your LeuPay Prepaid VISA card, activate it logging into your account by submitting 6 digits numbers have in your plastic Prepaid VISA card front side.

How many cards can I claim?

As an individual, you claim up to 2 card for free. You can simply order your free prepaid visa card adding two different currency in your account that is USD and GBP. You can order as many currency visa card you want but there is a small fees you have to pay.

What is the delivery fees to get delivered my LeuPay Prepaid VISA card?

The delivery fee depends on the method you have chosen in the process of placing your order. The delivery via postal services is free but via courier may vary between 3 and 17 euro, depending on the country of delivery. 

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If you still have any questions about LeuPay or wants to share your thoughts please write in comment box. Thank you

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  1. Please I want to know if Tunisia is a supported country by Leupay cards? thank you.

    1. @Rio World, I have already mentioned in my post that LeuPay.com is a worldwide payment solution so you can avail Leupay VISA Card to your location as well. If you have any other question feel free to ask. Thank you


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