Pow Token Review - Is it huge Scam or Legit

You might have question that Pow Token is huge scam or legit digital token as they well-acclaimed it like free bitcoin. Currently they are offering free POW token giveaways  through an airdrop basis to everyone who are an account holder on Facebook and Twitter. Find out how POW token works in our review...

POW Token Review:

POW is a crypto-currency that is being given to all of Facebook and Twitter users. If you are holding one of these social media account then its completely free for you to receive an initial allocation and the earlier you claim the bigger it will be. Try to collect as many POW Token you can within 31, December 2017 because it will be closed by authority on that actual date.

Who is behind POW Token?

POW Token was created by 5 expert tech industry professionals. Co-founders of POW Token including Simon Wajcenberg, an entrepreneur with 15 plus years of experience online and mobile advertising who is now managing a systematic hedge fund called K1T Capital.

Four of the founders each have a 25% stake in Bitzza Limited, the UK-registered company in charge of POW Token development.

The company is collectively being issued 19.3 billion POW. 1 billion PAW already have been collected for free, and rest of the PAW has been bought by investor. The combined founders allocation will be equal to 6.8% of the total issued POW. 

What is POW Token?

POW Token is a digital online crypto-currency token which official website is powtoken.com, describes itself as 'like free bitcoin.' You can claim POW Token free for limited time. All you need to do click 'Login in with Facebook' and 'Login in with Twitter.' 

How do I send and receive free tokens?

Like any other crypto-currency POW Tokens can be sent and received by its user wihout transaction fees with your Facebook friends. Twitter friends also able to do transfer this shortly after functional development done by company. 

POW Token describes themselves as "a free and riskless investment." Since the tokens are beign genuinely given away for free, that's true.

How does POW Token works?

POW Tokens are standard ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The developers of POW Tokens identify two unique features including 'POW lite.' which is the non-blockchain version of POW crypto-currency. It's held in the POWToken.com account and allows holders to make free transactions with one another. POW 'lite' will be fungible with the ERC20 POW that exists on the blockchain.

A global airdrop of POW “lite”, with a sufficient supply to be claimed by every person on the planet. You can claim your POW “lite” tokens by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Because of the unique airdrop distribution, explains the official website, “POW has the potential to be the most widely held currency on the planet.”

When a cryptocurrency is airdropped, it means it’s given to users for free. It’s an alternative distribution method to ICOs. Some companies have used airdrops in conjunction with ICOs to distribute tokens.

How to Promote and Earn more POW Tokens for free?

Promote your unique referral link to your blog, social media sites and online forum as email to your friends with some words to reach thousands of interesting people to earn POW Tokens for free. 

Earn 50,000+ POW Tokens for free just for inviting friends, family and colleagues when they sign up and claim free POW Tokens as you did. Offer will be ended on 31st, December as you already knows, try to refer as many friends and get rewarded. 

Latest Update: POW 'lite' Token airdrop will be continued until all POW lite is claimed, you can claim at www.powtoken.com, you can also get more details at the White Paper at this https://powtoken.com/POW_Whitepaper_19_09_2017.pdf

Pow Token Review - Is it huge Scam or Legit Pow Token Review - Is it huge Scam or Legit Reviewed by Abdur Rakib Sohel on December 11, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for this helpful information. I will do this.

  2. I have joined.POW Token price hopefully increase soon.

    1. Welcome. Hope it will rise. Stay with us for more info. Thanks

  3. Hi Great article on POW, but could you correct, the POW airdrop will run until all POW is claimed, so no time limit and you can claim after 31st December, thanks again

    1. @Paul, I had researched through POW Token official website as well other reviews online where I learned POW Token airdrop will run till 31st December. I will update soon after researching again. If you want to share more please reply with details so our reader can learn more. Thanks for your support.

  4. Hi Everybody & Mr Abdul, thanks for your message, just wanted to update that the airdrop of the POW lite will happen until all POW lite is claimed, you can claim at www.powtoken.com, you can also get more details at the White Paper at this https://powtoken.com/POW_Whitepaper_19_09_2017.pdf

    Total holders of POW lite is now at over 110,000 and claims are coming in at 3,000 per day, at the moment you can claim around 45,000 tokens and claim via Facebook or Twitter.

    In reference to the December date, this was the original date for when holders of POW lite would be able to transfer their POW to the ethereum blockchain, and then hold this as POW ERC20 Token, this is now scheduled for around the 15th January .

    So just to clarify you can claim POW as long as there is POW available, but each day the amount of POW per claim will reduce, so get in quick to claim more!!

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