What is PTC?

PTC is the short form of Paid To Click. Paid to click is an advertisement where advertiser put their ad campaign and paid to click worker visiting advertiser ads to earn some money.

What does mean Paid-To-Click?

Actually Paid-To-Click (PTC) meaning advertiser who advertise their website to increase sales and service opportunity and member who make money doing simple tasks completed by PTC site.


What does PTC Offer?

PTC offers people like you to advertise your products through paid-to-click site to grow your business in minutes and member who wants to make money online clicking advertiser ads, doing simple tasks, survey, watching video ads, playing lottery, referring friends and family and many more and get paid for every tasks they’ve done and paid out instantly as per site TOS and Policy.

How much could I earn from PTC?

It depends upon your membership status as you signing up as standard, golden or ultimate member.
As a Standard or Free member you could make  as much as $5 to $100 per month depends upon you and your referral activity.
As a Golden member, you could earn as much as possible between $20 to $1000 per month depends upon you and your referral activity.
As a Ultimate member, you could earn as much as $100 to 2000 per month.

How to understand the fact of Legitimate and Scam sites?

We recommends you to join All PTC sites who paid potential earnings to its members since launched. Visit and Join all of this sites Best-Paying-PTC-Sites and find scam sites here.
Attention about Scam or Fake sites:
  • PTC site you have signed up for make money online that don’t provide Activation E-mail. Because it is the legal government law of site owner country to start a PTC business.
  • After Login PTC site taking you directly to Messsage Center is not legal. Because Site Owner have no rights to send personal message to its member.
  • PTC site that forces you to upgrade membership. Because as free or standard and independent PTC member you don’t need to upgrade if you need not too.
  • PTC site that does not pay after minimum cashout level reached
Attention about Legitimate or Best Paying sites:
Follow the instructions of Scam or Fake sites so I am sure you will get the answer about Legitimate or Best Paying sites. Although I recommends you to see the PTC site Forum/Topic/Payment Proof and how long the site and its users are active online since it launched.

How to Sign up/Register to get started?

Go to our Paid To Click sites list and click on the banner; it will take you signing up page. Click on ‘Register/Sign up’ button so you will get empty form which need to fill up correctly to save future access. After completing your sign up process, you need to check your email inbox that you used to join on that PTC site. Go to your mail inbox and click on the Activation or Confirmation link have been provided to confirm your account activation. Now you are ready to start and let begin your journey to make money online with PTC.

What is the Payment Method of most of PTC sites?

Most of sites provides Paypal and Payza as a common method payment system which is easy to use. Also Neteller, Webmoney, SolidTrustPay, OkPay, UnionPay, Debit Card/Credit Card and many more payment processor used by PTC payout system to be cashout or add funds.

How much money can be cash out each time?

It depends upon on your registered PTC site that you are working. We recommend you before begining you must check what payment methods that site used to cash out and add funds and If you have account with provided payment processor so you can get start immediately. If you don’t have an account so Join them right now, Paypal, Payza.

How to start work on Paid-to-Click sites?

As a newcomer We had an important article for you. Just click on this PTC Guide and you will be known as how to start and about PTC strategy.


How to increase your earnings on PTC sites?

Follow the instructions of PTC Guide.

To Join on any PTC site What is Required?

  • To begining making money with Paid-To-Click you required an electronic mai like G-mail, Yahoomail or others. We highly recommend you to use Gmail account as it is easy to use. If you don’t have an account with G-mail, create your G-mail account here.
  • You need a username (Don’t tell other about your username or password).
  • You need a password. (Don’t tell other about your username or password).
  • You need to type a captcha to prove you’re not a robot.
  • Activation email and Login.
Wish you good luck and make money online from work at home completing simple tasks.

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